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   Famous artist Halsey has been absolutely rocking different hair styles! including shaving her head!

Girls Shaving Their Heads

by Taylor Henry

    Girls are looking so gorgeous with this new trend, of shaving their heads! There has been a rise of shaving heads since quarantine started and fortunately there have been fabulous results! 


    Breaking the stigma of woman having long locks, has finally met its match! Brad Mondo a talented hair stylist who is CEO and Founder of Xmondo Hair, reacts to these beautiful fierce and courageous women. Coming from a young woman who once upon a time had short hair, It was absolutely amazing. I cut off 15 inches of my hair and donated it. I was eleven at the time, and I had never felt so bold! The time is now laddies! Go out and cut that hair! It'll grow back! and as Brad Mondo himself has stated "Go live your extra life". 

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Hairdresser reacts! Watch as Brad Mondo watches these beautiful women shave their heads! To watch more be sure to click on the youtube icon!

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