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There's no better time to make history for Maame Biney than during the Olympics and Black History Month. For the first time in Olympic history the U.S. short track speed skating team will be welcoming the first African-American Woman to the team. As an 18 year old athlete Maame is sure to make a grand entrance into the games and with her glowing personality everyone is sure to remember her!

Much of her dazzling personality that was presented briefly in an interview before the Opening Ceremony will be presented to the rest of the world when she races in the opening round of the 500 meters, Saturday. She will also be competing in the 1,500 meter race, but that date is to be determined. 

Biney's ambitious personality became known nearly a year ago when she surprised herself when winning a bronze medal at the world junior championships. This winning lead to her centralized goal of the Olympic Games while training for the U.S trials in Salt Lake City.

Mamme Biney is the perfect example of overcoming racial and age boundaries within professional sports. Biney for Gold! 

Maame Biney as she wins the 500-meter final A during the U.S. Olympic short track speedskating trials. Image by Rick Bowmer

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