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Savvy Strong
By Harper Henry 

What is beauty? Have we limited the meaning to mere physical appearance? Or is there more to the definition?

Savannah Cooper, a teenerager diagnosed with a Chronic Illness, has shattered these series of questions through her story.

At a young age Savannah was diagnosed with a Kidney Infection that would later commit her schedule to hospital visits where she would try countless treatments. Fear and anxiety both began to settle in, but Savannah told La Fille that to cope she always remembered that God was in control of her situation. Even now, she states, “It can be incredibly frustrating and there are many times where I have wanted to give up and stop fighting but I know, I was given these obstacles to show that they can be conquered!”. True beauty is found within her strength and courage to continue to fight.


In her free time Savannah shared that she enjoys dancing and taking part in performances. She states, “By performing I am able to take control of my situation and do what I love, no matter how I’m feeling!” and when asked what she could see herself doing in years to come she happily answered that she would be pursuing a degree in Musical Theatre. Even with the challenges she faces, she doesn’t let them get in the way of her passions.


Beyond the hospital visits and the performances, Savannah finds herself as a young advocate of education of Chronic Illness. She shared with La Fille that by creating her instagram @_savstrong she’s been able to communicate and educate with people all across the country about her experiences. Savy also reported that with this platform she’s been able to show others that despite the obstacles they may face, there is always hope.


As a message to all young girls Savannah states, “always to be kind, surround yourself with positive people and to NEVER GIVE UP!”. Finding hope and courage in life is the idea of true beauty and brings light to so many other.

Savannah Cooper

Savy undergoing treatment at the hospital

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