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The buzz

Recently, selected Hawaiian airlines have decided to provide support for both their passengers but the surrounding oceanic wildlife, as well. The airlines have chosen to distribute samples of non-toxic sunscreen samples to passengers throughout the month of April to make sure that they are responsible while on vacation.


It’s been discovered that the two main ingredients within sunscreen, oxybenzone and octinoxate, are two damaging chemicals to the coral reefs. However, Raw Elements has partnered with the Hawaiian airlines to provide sunscreen that all-natural and reef-safe. By providing the passengers with samples they’ll be able to enjoy vacation chemical-free and become more aware of more eco-friendly products.


Earlier last year it was reported that major sections of the coral ecosystem were dead meaning that the human impact on the environment is only increasing. With the use of more products like Raw Elements we’ll be able to not only decrease our impact on surrounding ecosystems, but also still be able to enjoy it! Win-win.

Flight attendant on a Hawaiian Airline handing out free samples of the reef-safe sunscreen. (Hawaiian Airlines)

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