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Online clothing store vs Traditional clothing stores

By: Takis Dros


The internet is now part of our everyday life, evolved over the years from something promising to something necessary. This bubble and necessity of the Internet, in terms of clothing, has created a competitive edge, between traditional clothing stores which do not have any electronic presence, with online clothing stores.

 Ten years ago shopkeepers considered not necessary to have a website that sell their clothes through this process. They were probably right then, because the public was not familiar with the technology so they could get into the process of buying something electronically from a nearby clothing store. They just visited the local clothing store and made their purchases. They just had an idea surfing the internet, for the merchandise of each store. In essence, websites were served to consumers as an informational catalog and they did not fully understand, that a website can do the same job as a traditional clothing stores. Simple they were informed from the internet about the merchandise of the store and instead of ordering it from the comfort of their home, they went to the store to buy it.

Over the years, however, the internet has begun to gain ground and purchases of clothes through it have slowly become a basic option. Familiarizing consumers to new technologies, has helped to change this behavior in shopping mode. As we understand the internet has liberalized the market and we can say that it has created a security in the prices.

The consumer is now fully informed about the clothe that wants to buy and at a good price. This informal online war on clothing stores, is always for the benefit of the consumer because it gives him multiple options with just a click of a button. The stores will do everything so that consumers click on their website, winning it either with offers or other services for the benefit of the consumer, for example free shipping.

Online clothing purchases are now very convenient and easy to access. All you have to do is visit a store's website and start shopping. You can do it from the comfort of your bedroom without having to dress to go to the store's representative. However, disbelief always exists and is perfectly reasonable.
So even today, many are opposed buying clothes online for two main reasons. One, what is delivered is different from the image you are viewing on the store's website and two, you may get the wrong sizes. These problems can easily be solved by having good measurement and a good size conversion chart and by purchasing clothes from clothing stores with good reviews.

Many argue that when shopping online, they lack the basic experience of human interaction. They forget to mention that the main goal of the owner is to make you do as many purchases as possible This, of course, is not a bad thing, at this point we are aiming at the process of impartiality. This is absent from online shopping because it is only you and the computer so your opinion and your choice are not influenced by third parties.

Under no circumstances will an online store replace the physical store. They all have their drawbacks and their extras, so the combination will bring the result you want.


Online clothing purchases are now very convenient and easy to access. We love fashion. We constantly try to find clothes to fit your style

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