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The New Look of Giving
By Harper Henry 

Looking for a new way to sweeten up your Valentines Day gifts? Well in just a few simple steps along side some quick craft materials you can make this holiday the most memorable!

Materials you'll need...

  • ​Mache Heart Boxes

  • Matte Acrylic Paint (pastel colors)

  • Dark Pink/Red Matte Acrylic Paint

  • Letter Stencils

  • Pencil

  • Paint Brush

How to make...

  1. Begin by painting each box in choice of pastel acrylic paint which may take three to four coats in order to get an even color. Let each coat dry before reapplying another layer. 

  2. Once the final coat had dried, use a ruler and pencil to straw a base line for your message. One line is used for a one worded message but if you plan on more then you will have to draw other lines below. 

  3. Take your stencil and lightly draw out each letter of your message on top of the line(s) you previously drew. If displeased with the look of a letter you can easily rub out the pencil to try again. 

  4. Once done with the letters, fill them in with the pink or red acrylic paint. After paint has dried erase any visible pencil outlines and then fill the box with all the sweets you can fit!

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