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The Vet Life
By Adysen Groce
Having a dad as a veterinarian means getting a ton of experience with animals big or small whether it’s cats, dogs, cows or even camels and zebras. When you work for your veterinarian dad you get to play with all the cute puppies that come in but you also have to go out on farm calls and deal with the cows which can I say isn’t as fun! When in the clinic you get to sit in on surgery’s and watch the procedures and does his thing. You might even have to help hold the oxygen for the animal during surgery. You can also sit in on exams and learn about different diseases and skin conditions and how old dogs and cats have to be for a certain surgery so it doesn’t hurt them. Going on farm calls are the less fun part of the job unless they’re to go work on the camels and zebras which can get pretty interesting! As a little insider fact, before we leave the camel farm we always feed the camels an apple as a treat. And the best part about having a dad as a vet and living in the south is gettin BBQ almost everyday!!
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