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March 14 was marked as National Walkout Day as thousands of schools across the country decided to take part in the remembrance of the Parkland tragedy and stand up for gun control. Schools held different programs and ways of paying their respects to the victims, but mine held 17 minutes of silence for the 17 lives taken at the shooting. One name was read every minute, dedicating one minute to one victim in remembrance. Many of the walkouts were broadcasted on national news which is one of the many ways that we can make our voices heard for such an issue. Gun control or any other reform of gun policies are needed to feel confident in the safety of our schools. Some may have other opinions regarding this issue and here at La Fille we went to establish an environment for all. If your belief stands opposed to that of Gun Control than we respect it, as long as no language is directed towards other individuals as an insult or abusive. We welcome all here. Here's to a safer nation and one accepting to everyone.

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