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ACT Mania

Standardized tests. The reality of school and the cause of intense stress amongst teens during Junior year. Being a Junior I am have been experiencing the craziest levels of stress thinking about college applications and test scores. I'm constantly wondering what colleges I wanted to attend compared to those that my test scores will allow me to attend and it's not the warmest feeling. But who wants to spend their high school experience devoured in stress? Definitely not me! So I'm here to give you guys some simple tips to help rewind...

1. Do some yoga

When I tell you that the constant inhale and exhales of yoga really work, I mean they really really work. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I roll out my mat and practice a few flows and meditate for several minutes which leaves me feeling lose and stress free.

2. Drink some hot tea

Yoga and hot tea? Believe me it helps! In times of anxiety and stress a nice cup of Chamomile tea with a drizzle of honey can never hurt. Even earl grey with some milk of your choice is key to relaxation and is my go-to for whenever I need to unwind.

3. Read a book

I know what your thinking, why would I want to read when I'm stressing about a test? While it seems irrational it's a super reliable tactic. Personally, reading a book allows me to drift from my current stressors to another reality which in all helps distract my mind. Peaceful and productive!

Give each a try and get ready to feel stress free!

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