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Cactus Mishap!

Cacti. The new aesthetic for any chic apartment in a city or, in my case, on my grandparents back porch. First, I'd like to make it clear that I find cacti beautiful, but their needles...not so much.

I was with my family over the weekend to visit my grandparents who have become quite the florists. So much so that I saw these stunning purple blossoms that were tangled around the banister and that was a perfect selfie opportunity that I simply couldn't miss. When no one was watching I snuck out on the back porch to find just the right angle and lighting for an instagram worthy photo, but instead of a selfie I came back inside with an arm full of cacti needles. How? Well, as I was trying to find the perfect angle I stuck my arm back for support and while doing that I hit the cactus without noticing. When I brought my arm back up it started stinging, so of course, I had to start brushing my arm off on my leg and scratching everywhere. Definitely not the smartest decision.

I complained to my mom and her immediate idea was to shine light on my arm to see if there was anything noticeable causing the stinging. In fact, my entire are was covered in small yellow needles.

Fast forward 30 minutes later after a seriously heavy dose of Elmer's glue and gauze, I was cacti needle free.

However, I'm in no rush to get close with a cactus again.

(Disclaimer: The cactus in the photo is not my grandparents. This one is much prettier and I don't have a feeling of hatred towards it.)

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